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02 December 2021


Farm workers shot during attempted robbery

Two farm workers at Kleinfontein near Brits were shot during an attempted armed robbery on Saturday night.

Shoplifters caught

Four shoplifters were caught on Monday after an alert car guard and security officer followed the getaway vehicle to a local fuel station.

Stock thief caught

Emergency Services

Trok slaan om op N4

Die insittendes van 'n trok het Sondag wonderbaarlik net ligte beserings opgedoen toe die bestuurder beheer oor die trok op die N4 naby Brits...

Een ernstig na R556-ongeluk

Een persoon is ernstig beseer in 'n enkelvoertuigongeluk op R556 naby Brits. Die bestuurder het beheer oor die motor verloor en dit het gerol...

Motoris dood in trokongeluk

'n Man wat agter op 'n bakkie gesit het, is Vrydagoggend dood toe die bakkie met 'n trok op die R511 Hennopsrivierpad gebots het.

Motoris tref bees op N4

'n Motoris het wonderbaarlik net ligte beserings opgedoen toe hy Woensdag 'n bees op die N4-snelweg naby Brits getref het. Die voertuig het die...

Twee dood in Hartbeespoort-ongelukke

'n Motoris is Saterdagaand dood in 'n ongeluk tussen twee karre op die R511 naby die Kerkstraat-kruising. Een persoon is beseer en is na...

9 Beseer in taxi-ongeluk

Nege mense is beseer toe 'n taxi en bakkie Maandag op die R104 naby Damdoryn gebots het. Volgens ooggetuies, het die taxi 'n U-draai...


Hartbeespoort-skeidsregter se Dubai-reis van die baan

Bekende Hartbeespoort-inwoner, Werner Nagel, is diep teleurgesteld na sy reis na Dubai om as skeidsregter by die internasionale Dubai Invitational Sewestoernooi op te tree, op die laaste nippertjie gekanselleer moes word.

Hartbeespoort se vegkuns-ster vir ‘n ruk buite aksie

Hartbeespoort se wêreldbekende gemendevegkuns-ster, Dricus du Plessis, gaan vir 'n ruk buite aksie wees na hy dié week 'n skoueroperasie moes ondergaan.


Madibeng’s new tractor fleet met with disbelief and mistrust

The Madibeng municipality has added seven tractors to its fleet to accelerate service delivery to communities and the announcement was met with a barrage of negative comments on its Facebook page.

Uiteindelik…Madibeng takel slaggate in Schoemansville

isipaliteit het Dinsdag die slaggate in Schoemansville getakel.

Rand Water shutdown


Nog ‘n weldoener takel begraafplaas

Kort op die hakke van verlede week se aktiwiteite by die Schoemansville-begraafplaas, het nog 'n weldoener dié week ingespring en die onbegaanbare paaie na en op die perseel getakel.

Kuierkidz hou gradeplegtigheid

Tydens ‘n onlangse ‘Glam & Glits'-aand het die leerders van Kuierkidz leersentrum in Hartbeespoort elk ‘n sertifikaat gekry en is met ‘n hoed en tossel vereer vir die jaar se harde werk.


Snare patrol in the Magaliesberg Mountain

A group of Kameeldrift residents, Friends of WESSA Wesmoot-Magalies and conservation groups moved into the Magaliesberg Mountain in the Kameeldrift area recently to remove snares.

Hiking for hope

he Magaliesberg Biosphere has just launched a stunning hiking trail on the the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain.


Step-by-step guide to planning the best family holiday

If you’re planning a family holiday this December, we’ve got great tips for booking that dream trip, while sticking to a budget.

Tested ways to help your child play through their anxieties

While the childhood years should be easygoing, children still suffer anxiety and uncertainty. Here are ways to help your child destress.


Tips for protecting your assets during natural disasters and severe weather

A level 4 weather warning is in place for parts of the country this coming weekend. How can you protect your home and assets during adverse weather conditions ?

DIY projects that will add value to your home

Regular maintenance and upgrades can improve the value of your property. This is how you can tackle the projects that will give you the most value at the least cost.


Here are three tips to help you save like a pro

Small tweaks to help prepare for a rainy day

Know your rights, says credit regulator

The regulator said the theme aims to discourage consumers against making bad credit decisions, such as not misusing credit to buy things they cannot afford or do not necessarily need, or using credit for consumables such as food.


Awareness and precaution can save your life

Avoid driving through high risk areas and travelling at night.

Seven reasons why you should buy your car from a dealership

Dealers will offer you a guarantee and will also offer you additional warranties and insurances that can be added on.


Xanadu anti-bullying campaign

The Hartbeespoort police last week visited the Xanadu Private School during an anti-bullying campaign.

Xanadu Private School leaders

The new head leaders at Xanadu Private School for 2022 are Molemo Magagula and Azola Mhlana.


Hartbeespoort athletes excel

Koos Pansegrauw, the well-known athletics coach of the Hartbeespoort Athletics Club recently saw his athletes achieve excellent performances at the recent track and field meetings.

Well done Wolverines!

The management of the Wolverines Rugby Club congratulated each and every player for their dedication and hard work during the season. The club was established in 2021 in the Brits/Hartbeespoort area at the Millstream River Estate and are affiliated with the Leopards Rugby Union.


365 days of Covid-19: SA’s economy is sicker than ever

The SA economy was in ICU long before Covid-19 struck a year ago and economists predict it could take up to three years before it finally recovers.

South Africa the third most dangerous country to live in – crime index

Numbeo 2021 Crime Index rates South Africa as the third most dangerous country in the world to live in, with six cities featuring in the top 20 most dangerous cities globally.


There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself…

"They're aromatic, and are responsible for the strong and often pleasant odour given off by plants."

The marvel of contact lenses

Contact lenses have revolutionised the joy of vision in the past 70 years of Optometry. They work on the same light-bending principles as spectacles, except that they are “in contact” with the surface of your eye. More than 150 million people worldwide enjoy the convenience and versatility of contact lens wear.

Runner’s knee


There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself…

"They're aromatic, and are responsible for the strong and often pleasant odour given off by plants."

Runner’s knee

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