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23 September 2021


Twee in Ifafi geskiet

Twee mense is Saterdagaand in 'n huis in Ifafi geskiet toe twee oortreders mense in die huis oorval het.

Kidnapped woman’s car found in Hartbeespoort

The police are searching for a kidnapped woman whose car was found abandoned in Hartbeespoort on Tuesday.

Emergency Services

Een beseer toe kar rol

Die bestuurder van 'n bakkie is beseer toe die voertuig Vrydag op die R566 by Bokfontein gerol het. Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) het...

Two trapped, four injured in accident

Four people were injured and two trapped in a vehicle after a serious accident in Tambotie Avenue near Thatch Haven in Brits on Friday night.

Two bikers killed, two serious after bike accidents over the weekend

A biker and his passenger were killed when they crashed into a truck on Van der Hoff Road at Hartbeespoort on Saturday evening.

Three dead when car slams into broken down car

Three people who were pushing a broken down car were killed when a vehicle slammed into them on the Rosslyn road near De Wildt on Sunday.

Een dood in Pampoennek-ongeluk

Een persoon is dood toe 'n kar Sondagaand op die N4 Pampoennek by die Randburg-afrit gerol het. Nog drie persone het ligte beserings opgedoen....

Pedestrian struck by motorcycle

A pedestrian was injured when she was struck by a motorcycle in Ifafi on Saturday. Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) responded to the accident...


59 Arrested for not wearing masks

The Police in Hartbeespoort, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies arrested 69 suspects on Wednesday, 4 August 2021 for various Disaster Management Act Regulations related offences.

COVID-19 vaccination and testing sites in our area

There seems to be much confusion among residents in Madibeng about where to get COVID-19 vaccinations and where to test for the virus.


LED street lights in Madibeng

The Madibeng Local Municipality is installing LED street lights as part of an Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management (EEDSM) programme. And solar is coming… they say.

Mayor visits Brits potholes

Madibeng mayor, Joseph Ratloi, visited sites in Brits last week to inspect progress on pothole repairs in the town. The municipality is currently busy...

Madibeng trashed


Kuierkidz plant lentetuin

Die Kuierkidz leersentrum vir breingestremde kinders in Harties het in Januarie by hulle nuwe perseel ingetrek het, gewoel en gewerskaf om die skool elke dag nog mooier te laat lyk en vanaf verlede week spog hulle met ‘n pragtige lentetuin.

Line dancers get international accolades

A local line dancing group has won two gold medals and other awards during recent internaional dance championships.


Pregnant monkey found full of pellets

A heavily pregnant, and seemingly injured monkey, found in Schoemansville in Hartbeespoort, was found to have 13 pellets lodged in her body after having been shot with a pellet gun.

“Anti-nuclear lobbyists are against government” – Nehawu chairman

Nehawu's Necsa branch Professionals Technical Committee in partnership with various stakeholders organised outreach activities to 'Stand Up for Nuclear' in South Africa.

Community clean-up


Antibiotics and children: When and how to use them

While antibiotics have saved millions of lives, it’s important to tread with caution when it comes to giving your child antibiotics.

Childhood anaemia: What you need to know

Anaemia can make your child feel cranky, tired, or weak. Children may have additional symptoms including shortness of breath and headaches.


How to build vertical gardens

A healthy garden is an important aspect of a home. How can you build a vertical garden and why should you?

How to be prepared for load shedding

Load shedding happens frequently in South Africa. How best can you prepare for load shedding and prevent damage to equipment?


Here are three tips to help you save like a pro

Small tweaks to help prepare for a rainy day

Know your rights, says credit regulator

The regulator said the theme aims to discourage consumers against making bad credit decisions, such as not misusing credit to buy things they cannot afford or do not necessarily need, or using credit for consumables such as food.


Here’s how cars are becoming increasingly safer for women

Think men and women face precisely the same risk of injury or death in a car crash?

5 car gadgets that women will love

Essentials for the modern-day woman vary from the latest technology to that investment handbag.


Carmi dances to international championships

Carmi Landsberg, a Grade 7 learner at the Mountain Cambridge School, recently competed at the Roodepoort Civic Theatre in the South African Body of...

Winter school for MCS learners

The Mountain Cambridge School hosts a Winter School programme for learners every year. Extra classes are offered in preparation of their International Cambridge examinations....


Wolverines play Impala this coming weekend

Finally the long awaited North West Provincial Derby between Hartbeespoort's new local community-based rugby club, The Wolverines and the Rustenburg Impala Rugby Club will take place at home in Hartbeespoort at the Millstream River Club this Saturday, 21 August.

Armand scoops 2nd place

Armand Fourie (17), a grade 12 pupil at Hartbeespoort High School, recently competed in the 4th round of the EWXC Michelin Enduro Series and...


365 days of Covid-19: SA’s economy is sicker than ever

The SA economy was in ICU long before Covid-19 struck a year ago and economists predict it could take up to three years before it finally recovers.

South Africa the third most dangerous country to live in – crime index

Numbeo 2021 Crime Index rates South Africa as the third most dangerous country in the world to live in, with six cities featuring in the top 20 most dangerous cities globally.


Runner’s knee

Summer is on its way. Everybody is trying to get back into shape. Running is one thing we tend to overdo while trying to get back to healthy habits.

Busting the myth on CBD and the cannabis plant

What is CBD?CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana). While CBD is a component...

BuildIt Handyman Tips


Runner’s knee

Summer is on its way. Everybody is trying to get back into shape. Running is one thing we tend to overdo while trying to get back to healthy habits.

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