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20 January 2022


Tenant killed while trying to rescue elderly couple during farm attack

A 60-year-old man was shot in the head and killed when he rushed to assist an elderly couple that was attacked by armed robbers on a farm in Bokfontein near Brits on Saturday.

Kindermishandelingsaak weer uitgestel

AfriForum se privaatvervolgingseenheid het Maandag sy skok uitgespreek oor verwikkelinge in een van die kindermishandelingsake in Brits waarby die eenheid tans betrokke is.

Emergency Services

Drie beseer toe kar rol

Drie mense is beseer toe 'n kar Sondagaand op die R512 naby Arrows Rest gerol het. Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) het die beseerdes na 'n hospitaal in Brits vervoer vir behandeling. Geen ander voertuig was betrokke nie.

Een dood toe trein kar tref

Een persoon is dood toe 'n trein 'n motor op nuwejaarsdag op die spoorlyn in Brits getref het. Nog drie mense is beseer en...

Three drownings, one near drowning in 2 weeks

An eight-year-old girl survived following a near drowning at a water park in Hartbeespoort on Saturday.

Trok slaan om op N4

Die insittendes van 'n trok het Sondag wonderbaarlik net ligte beserings opgedoen toe die bestuurder beheer oor die trok op die N4 naby Brits...

Een ernstig na R556-ongeluk

Een persoon is ernstig beseer in 'n enkelvoertuigongeluk op R556 naby Brits. Die bestuurder het beheer oor die motor verloor en dit het gerol...

Motoris dood in trokongeluk

'n Man wat agter op 'n bakkie gesit het, is Vrydagoggend dood toe die bakkie met 'n trok op die R511 Hennopsrivierpad gebots het.


Electrocuted man says thank you

Madibeng electrician Michael Simon Matlala (49) is finally out of hospital after he was electrocuted and fell from an electricity pole in Ifafi in...

Spreading love and care

Simi Ngomane, the newly appointed minister at the Harties Methodist Church in Hartbeespoort, wants to spread love and promote a caring culture in the town.


Madibeng employee wins coveted award

The Madibeng municipality's Enterprise risk Manager, has won the prestigious Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) Risk Manager of the Year award.

Drinkwater skoon, maar rioolsuiweringsaanlegte stink

Brits en Hartbeespoort se drinkwater is skoon, maar hulle rioolsuiweringsaanlegte voldoen nie aan die mikrobiologiese standaarde nie, het Afriforum se nuutste blou-en-groendruppeluitslae getoon.

Rand Water shutdown


Watch out reckless drivers on Beethoven Road!

Speeding and reckless drivers on the Beethoven Road in Hartbeespoort need to watch their steps. The Madibeng traffic department is gearing up for strict law enforcement on this problem road and other roads in the area.

Reckless boating endangers lives

Lawlessness on the Hartbeespoort Dam has become a big problem. During an incident last weekend a canoe carrying a young man capsized as the result of reckless behaviour of a powerboat skipper.


Hyacinth covers over third of Hartbeespoort Dam

About a third of the Hartbeespoort Dam is currently covered by hyacinth plant but the plants are showing signs of damage due to the biological control bugs.

Please don’t use fireworks!

As the festive season rapidly approaches, animal welfare organisations, law enforcement bodies and animal lovers once again appeal to all community members to not use fireworks during the holiday season.

Hiking for hope


Help: My child is being bullied at school!

Nothing is more heart-wrenching than hearing your child is afraid to go to school because they’re being bullied. Here’s what parents can do.

Help: My toddler’s climbing out of his cot!

Did you know that cot-related injuries occur every year among children aged two years and younger? Here's how to keep your toddler safe...


How to decorate your living room

Here are some tips you should consider to make the room you spend the most time in stylish, functional and comfortable.

How to bring summer into your home

Summer is a great season to make some home changes. So, put away winter accessories and bring your home into summer.


Here are three tips to help you save like a pro

Small tweaks to help prepare for a rainy day

Know your rights, says credit regulator

The regulator said the theme aims to discourage consumers against making bad credit decisions, such as not misusing credit to buy things they cannot afford or do not necessarily need, or using credit for consumables such as food.


Know your parts – you are entitled to use non-original spare parts

As long as the seller can provide traceability and integrity of the parts, the consumer is not at risk.”

What to do when your tyre explodes at high speed

If your car has a manual transmission, gradually change to a lower gear, but only do so if you feel that the car is completely under control.


XPS welcomes Grade 8

Xanadu Private School welcomed the Grade 8 class. They are ready for orientation to become true ambassadors, earning the privilege to wear their school...

Broedies verwelkom nuwe Tswana-onderwyser

Laerskool Broederstroom het met die begin van die nuwe skooljaar juf Prescilla Thipe as die nuwe Tswana-onderwyser verwelkom.

Broedies hoofleiers

MCS’ new Grade 8s


Hartbeespoort athletes excel

Koos Pansegrauw, the well-known athletics coach of the Hartbeespoort Athletics Club recently saw his athletes achieve excellent performances at the recent track and field meetings.

Well done Wolverines!

The management of the Wolverines Rugby Club congratulated each and every player for their dedication and hard work during the season. The club was established in 2021 in the Brits/Hartbeespoort area at the Millstream River Estate and are affiliated with the Leopards Rugby Union.



There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself…

"They're aromatic, and are responsible for the strong and often pleasant odour given off by plants."

The marvel of contact lenses

Contact lenses have revolutionised the joy of vision in the past 70 years of Optometry. They work on the same light-bending principles as spectacles, except that they are “in contact” with the surface of your eye. More than 150 million people worldwide enjoy the convenience and versatility of contact lens wear.

Runner’s knee


There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself…

"They're aromatic, and are responsible for the strong and often pleasant odour given off by plants."

Runner’s knee

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