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26 May 2022


Innocent bystander shot during Brits cash-in-transit heist

An innocent bystander was shot during a cash-in-transit heist in Brits on Friday morning.

Eleven cars stolen this month

Eleven cars have already been stolen in Hartbeespoort this month and the Hartbeespoort Community Policing Forum has expressed its concern about the increasing vehicle thefts in Hartbeespoort.

Emergency Services

Twee beseer in motorfietsongeluk

Twee mense is Saterdagaand beseer in 'n motorfietsongeluk naby die MBT-vulstasie in Tielmanstraat in Schoemansville. Albei pasiënte is deur Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) na...

Twee beseer in trokongeluk

Twee mense is Vrydag beseer in n botsing tussen twee trokke op die R511 by die Hernic-myn. Een van die beseerdes was in die...

Severe injuries in N4 accident

A motorist was severely injured and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Johannesburg after a collision between a bakkie and car on the N4 near Brits Tuesday.

One dead in gruesome truck collision

A man died and three people were injured in a gruesome collision between two trucks and a car on the Lanseria road on Wednesday.

Garage gutted during fire at Pecanwood

A garage was gutted when a fire broke out at a house in Pecanwood Estate on Wednesday.

Motorfietsryer ernstig beseer

'n Motorfietsryer is Vrydag ernstig beseer toe hy langs die N4-hoofweg naby die Brits Plaza-tolhek met sy veldmotorfiets gegly en geval het.


Lehlongolo is back in the Miss SA top 30

Lehlogonolo Machaba (25) from Letlhabile is once again in the top 30 for the Miss South Africa title. This is the second year in a row that she is competing for the coveted title.

Kunswerke uit die mond van Lezelda Lubbe

As daar ooit 'n storie van hoop, deursettingvermoë en lewensvreugde was, is dit dié van die talentvolle kunstenaar Lezelda Lubbe wat pragtige kunswerke met haar mond skep!


Hawks and SIU investigations into Madibeng ongoing – Auditor General

According to the latest Auditor General Report a Hawks investigation into fraud allegations initiated in previous years has not been finalised, and an investigation by the Special Investigation Unit is also still ongoing.

Government visits Madibeng to announce financial intervention

Representatives of the national and North West Provincial Treasury and the North West Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs addressed managers and councillors at the Madibeng Municipality on Friday to introduce the financial intervention in the municipality.


Support Rotary’s Mountain of Hope

It has been a difficult couple of years for people in many communities, and the communities in and around Hartbeespoort have not been spared.

Famous psychic at Village Mall this Saturday

Join Bargain Books as they host celebrity psychic Gerald Burger in conversation with author Yolanda Barnard-Lemmer on Saturday, 28 May, at Mugg & Bean.


Trapped wild cheetahs relocated

Four wild cheetah cubs that were trapped by farmers in the Kalahari, have spent the last months at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in De Wildt for observation.

The big clean-up is here!

The big Harties Clean and Restore takes place on Saturday and many thanks go out to members of Rotary Brits Hartbeespoort , Birdlife Harties and WESSA NAR who have gone the extra mile to get all the activities in place.


What to expect from your pre-schooler

Learn what behaviours to expect from your toddler and how to foster independence during the preschool years.

Why you shouldn’t force your child to “clean their plate”

Forcing your child to "clean their plate" teaches them to ignore their bodies' signals that they've had enough to eat.


How to do tree removal

Trees around a property if not trimmed or cut down can cause structural defects and potentially cause injury. How should tree removal be done?

How to find and deal with the real property owner

Before you sign an offer to purchase, make sure the person selling the property is the legal owner.


Here are three tips to help you save like a pro

Small tweaks to help prepare for a rainy day

Know your rights, says credit regulator

The regulator said the theme aims to discourage consumers against making bad credit decisions, such as not misusing credit to buy things they cannot afford or do not necessarily need, or using credit for consumables such as food.


The best car is a paid off car

Beyond the thrill of collecting your wheels from a dealer lies a world of responsibilities.

South Africa is the most dangerous country to drive in

New data by Zutobi analyses factors such as the number of alcohol-related road traffic deaths, the maximum motorway speed limit, and the front seat-belt wearing rate, to reveal the world’s safest countries to drive in.


Musiekstudente op Unisa-ererol

Vyf musiekstudente van die musiekonderwyser, Elzabe Spies, is op Unisa se 'Ererol vir Musiekteorie' geplaas. Dié eer is vir musiekstudente wat top prestasies bereik....

GHS se top 10-leerders

Laerskool Generaal Hendrik Schoeman het hul top 10-leerders aangekondig. Hier is die slimkoppe!


Skopboksers doen dit weer

Skopboksers van die Red Dragon skopboksklub het tydens hul eerste skopbokskompetisie 46 medaljes huis toe gebring en gaan nou Noordwes tydens die Suid-Afrikanse kampioenskappe in Mei verteenwoordig.

Jose dominates at track championships

Jose Kleinsmit from Brits won three gold medals and three bronze medals during the South African Cycling Track Championships.



What’s for dinner? Potato and sausage casserole

This quick and easy throw-together meal is rich in delicious pork sausages, quartered potatoes and colourful corn. One-pot means no cleaning up afterwards.

Five reasons why travel is good for you

Put travel at the top of your to-do list and make it happen, as it is not only going to give you incredible memories and unforgettable experiences, it is also good for your health.


What’s for dinner? Potato and sausage casserole

This quick and easy throw-together meal is rich in delicious pork sausages, quartered potatoes and colourful corn. One-pot means no cleaning up afterwards.

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