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21 October 2021


Mmakau murderer gets life

The 37-year-old boyfriend of a murdered woman who was kidnapped in Hartbeespoort and later set alight in her car, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the North Gauteng High Court.

Dief steel watermeters helder oordag

'n Dief het Dinsdagoggend helder oordag doodluiters vier watermeters kort na mekaar in Brits gesteel.

Emergency Services

Twee dood in Hartbeespoort-ongelukke

'n Motoris is Saterdagaand dood in 'n ongeluk tussen twee karre op die R511 naby die Kerkstraat-kruising. Een persoon is beseer en is na...

9 Beseer in taxi-ongeluk

Nege mense is beseer toe 'n taxi en bakkie Maandag op die R104 naby Damdoryn gebots het. Volgens ooggetuies, het die taxi 'n U-draai...

Man serious after jetski boat collision

A jet ski rider was seriously injured in a collision with a boat on Hartbeespoort Dam on Sunday.

Kar beland in vragmotorbak

'n Voertuig het Dinsdagaand naby Pecanwood in Broederstroom in 'n trok, wat omgeslaan het, se bak vol sand beland.

Een ernstig na trokongeluk

'n Persoon is Donderdag kritiek beseer na 'n botsing tussen 'n voertuig en 'n trok op die R511 by Brits. Paramedici van Hartbeespoort Emergency...

Een beseer toe kar rol

Die bestuurder van 'n bakkie is beseer toe die voertuig Vrydag op die R566 by Bokfontein gerol het. Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) het...


North West low vaccination numbers

Despite having surpassed the one million mark for vaccine doses administered, North West remains one of South Africa’s worst-performing provinces in South Africa.

59 Arrested for not wearing masks

The Police in Hartbeespoort, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies arrested 69 suspects on Wednesday, 4 August 2021 for various Disaster Management Act Regulations related offences.


“Keep water restrictions at 50%”

The Democratic Alliance said this week that the Madibeng municipality requested Tshwane to keep the water restrictions at 50% following recent threats to restrict water supply due to non-payment.

LED street lights in Madibeng

The Madibeng Local Municipality is installing LED street lights as part of an Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management (EEDSM) programme. And solar is coming… they say.

Madibeng trashed


Your friendly neighbourhood bakery

Exclusive muffins, great coffee and delicious bread… a new coffee shop cum bakery, opened its doors at the Harties Mall recently and its offerings are worth a visit and many returns.

Line dancers win international gold

A group of Hartbeespoort line dancers competed in the American Dance awards last weekend and won two gold medals.


Hyacinth bugs on their way to Hartbeespoort Dam again

The hyacinth bugs are on their way to Hartbeespoort again.

Watch out for grounded vultures – VulPro

VulPro is requesting residents to be on the lookout for fledglings that might have been grounded.


Are you the parent of an Indigo child?

If your child has an urge to create change in the world, is a free thinker and is often misunderstood, they could be an “Indigo” child.

Ways you can encourage your teen to find balance

How can you help your teenager achieve a balance between school, homework, family, sports, and social life?


Wall coverings to set your home apart

Paint and wallpaper are not the only wall-covering options for your home. Which other options are available?

How to clean your home properly

Covid-19 has made thorough home cleaning more necessary than ever. How should this be done?


Here are three tips to help you save like a pro

Small tweaks to help prepare for a rainy day

Know your rights, says credit regulator

The regulator said the theme aims to discourage consumers against making bad credit decisions, such as not misusing credit to buy things they cannot afford or do not necessarily need, or using credit for consumables such as food.


Keeping your car in tip-top shape can help you sell it easier

WesBank highlights some of the key factors that could affect the resale value of the car.

Expert shares tips on what to do if car keys go missing

Getting to your car in the morning and finding it with a flat tyre equals frustration. Or the battery is flat. Even worse is that you have misplaced your car key or keyless car fob...


New Pecanwood leaders

Alessia Nainar and Jude van Tura have been chosen as the head leaders of the Pecanwood College for 2022. Congratulations Alessia and Jude.

Xanadu matric dance


Harties Reflections palm medaljes in

Harties Reflections Swemklub se swemmers het in September aan die Noordwes “Short Course” kampioenskappe deelgeneem en 'n ongelooflike 180 medaljes gewen, waarvan 62 goud, 64 silwer en 54 brons is! Baie geluk aan al die swemmers wat deur Lynnette van Rensburg afgerig word. Sowaar 'n prestasie om op trots te wees.

Christiaan sets new SA record

Christiaan van Eeden of the Harties Reflections swimming club set three new SA Records in the under 13 - 100 Super Nipper Pool, Manikin...


365 days of Covid-19: SA’s economy is sicker than ever

The SA economy was in ICU long before Covid-19 struck a year ago and economists predict it could take up to three years before it finally recovers.

South Africa the third most dangerous country to live in – crime index

Numbeo 2021 Crime Index rates South Africa as the third most dangerous country in the world to live in, with six cities featuring in the top 20 most dangerous cities globally.


There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself…

"They're aromatic, and are responsible for the strong and often pleasant odour given off by plants."

The marvel of contact lenses

Contact lenses have revolutionised the joy of vision in the past 70 years of Optometry. They work on the same light-bending principles as spectacles, except that they are “in contact” with the surface of your eye. More than 150 million people worldwide enjoy the convenience and versatility of contact lens wear.

Runner’s knee

BuildIt Handyman Tips


There’s more to CBD’s therapeutic benefits than CBD itself…

"They're aromatic, and are responsible for the strong and often pleasant odour given off by plants."

Runner’s knee

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